For several months, I’ve created numerous book cover designs for my latest novel, A Blog Affair. It’s not a willy-nilly process, performed in a jiffy, but a careful, well-thought out effort inspired by the unfolding story. You’re probably wondering why I wouldn’t invest in a professional graphic designer. Well, I actually enjoy creating my own covers. But I wouldn’t recommend it for those less graphically inclined. A beautiful professional cover enhances your author’s brand and the investment in an experienced book cover designer is worth it. After all, book covers matter. People are visual and attracted to thought provoking images. A great cover tells your audience you put as much effort into the design as the story behind it.

Front matters! The cover is the first feature a reader sees. Never shortchange fans with a sloppy fonts or images. Although, I hate using clichés, “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” but you can judge the author’s professionalism. Readers are more inclined to buy a book when they connect on an emotional level.  Mood, colors, graphic images appeal to reader’s visual perceptions. A good cover acts as a compelling trailer, capturing attention, captivating the senses, and instilling a desire for more. Thus, a quality cover draws and engages reader’s attention, suggests the story’s style, and sways a reader’s purchase decision.

A Blog Affair’s cover is still a work in progress. I’ll continue the creative effort until the right one makes me prickle joyously!

Below are examples of superb book covers I love.

Wordpress Post - Book Covers
Wordpress Post - Book Covers 2

These are three options for A Blog Affair. But, I’m nowhere near done.

A Blog Affair - Cover Series 403 Little Mouth on Allie
A Blog Affair Cover Three Faces Georgetown Background 22-8-14-2017
Book 3 -A Blog Affair 1-31-2017

Daily Prompts: Willy-nilly, Prickle, Jiffy

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