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Experience The Unexpected With The Simone Doucet Series

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Interview With Simone

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Simone has been quite busy lately with her newly awakened abilities. Given the afterworld seeks her attention daily, it was near impossible to find time for an interview. Simone’s candid about who she is most times, but lately, she’s trying to rediscover a part of herself lost as a child and dormant for years. As Simone, I’m constantly discovering new information about her, especially when her abilities are tested, things even Simone doesn’t know. She wants to be open and honest in this interview but can’t guarantee she can answer every question accurately.

How old are you Simone?

26 (at the start of the Simone Doucet Series)

You look about five feet four inches in height.

Close. I’m 5'6”.

I love your new pixie haircut. Is that your natural hair color?

Yes, brown. Right now it’s got gold and reddish highlights from too much sun over the summer.

And your eye color. Are those contacts?

I wear contacts, but they’re clear. My eyes are brown, but since my second sight kicked in, they fluctuate a lighter and darker brown.


Ooh, now that’s complicated, but I consider myself African American. My father’s Haitian Creole, and my mother's biracial (African American and French).

Your Occupation?
Travel Writer and now ghost mediator. I’m not sure that’s the right term, but it’ll clarify as the series continues.

Traveling the world, writing, all things mystical, and herbalism.

Family background?

My father, Roderick Doucet, lives in Baton Rouge, LA. Well, if you read the first book of the series (Tainted Harvest), you know my mom is deceased. She suffered a heart attack, which I learned from my Natchez, Mississippi trip, was a familial heart problem.

Your Health?

Oh, I’m fine. The heart condition skips generations. Besides the nauseousness caused when my second sight narrows on a specter or visions, I'm healthy.

Special Talents?

Besides travel writing, well, I guess communicating with the dead is a talent.

Academic background?
Communications degree from Louisiana State University (LSU).

What do you do to relieve the pressures of work?
I love yoga, Pilates, hiking and swimming. I’ve been practicing yoga a lot lately.

Why is that?
Lots of spectral noise and spirits vying for my attention can be rather stressful. Yoga centers me.

Are you still single? 

At the beginning of the series, I was single. But since Natchez, I’ve found a new love interest. Mitchell, one of my roommates.

How is that working out?

Well, it’s too new to tell. And given our constant travels and the spectral intrusions, it will be a challenge to date.

It must be difficult dating a roommate.

Yes. I fought it for eight months. I was afraid of disrupting the relationship with my other roomies. Let’s just say a spectral matchmaker brought us together. 


Will we see more of Mitchell in the next series?

I don’t know, but I hope so.


Has another deceased relative contacted you since Delphine?

Yes. I'm afraid to tell my roomies that the flickering lights in our Brooklyn brownstone aren't an electrical shortage or heavy snowfall on the power grids. This mysterious wraith won't show herself, but it's been haunting me for weeks with the scent of jasmines and raucous noise. You’ll learn more about her in the second book in the series.

Is she another ancestor from Mississippi?

I believe she's an ancestor, but not from Mississippi. I'm sure she'll tell me her origins soon. But for now, I need a break from the spectral noise. I've accepted a complementary Mardi Gras package at the Bourbon Orleans hotel and invited my roomies along.


To embrace my new gift, learn patience, guide my ancestors to a place of rest, and enjoy every moment with Mitchell. Oh, and I’m hoping the spectral world will give me a break so I can complete Antoine’s memoirs for Gisele. (Read Book 2, Wicked Bleu of the series, and you will understand).

Face in Family Tree.jpg

An ever-growing family tree.


Simone's new love interest: Mitchell

Brownstone with gas lanterns.jpg

Brooklyn Brownstone Simone shares with her roomies. 

Bourbon Orleans Hotel.jpg

Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans

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