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Zoey, newly single and on the rebound, advertises for a roommate and ten minutes later, Carole, a beautiful woman with a haunting secret, mysteriously shows up at her door. Zoey likes her instantly, and Carole moves in the next day.

Looking to date again, Zoey meets Michael, when he’s hired as an outside contractor by her firm. Mesmerized by his charm, Zoey is soon under Michael’s spell. But Carole knows something about Michael that Zoey doesn't.

Soon, their lives intersect in this haunting tale of mystical retribution.

 This was a very well written, engrossing, skillfully plotted short thriller that kept me captivated and on my toes all the way through. This story will give you goosebumps!

I highly recommend this story to all readers seeking a quick but enthralling read.

~Amazon Review

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