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Authentic Book Reviews

At times, I’m hesitant to write a bad review, wondering if my judgment is flawed, especially if it’s not my preferred genre. Surely someone else has a better opinion. But being genuine is better than false praise. As a writer, I’ve learned one of the greatest efforts an author can make is supporting fellow writers. Many ponder why, reasoning they’re competition. It might appear counterintuitive, but valuable members of a writing community show authentic efforts through support. After all, authors lead parallel lives (reader, writer) and are the largest demographic of book readers. Who better to critique your masterpiece, provide a constructive assessment of weaknesses and strengths than writers themselves? Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned author, learning never ends. Graciously accept both good and bad reviews as a gift to improve your writing skills.

A critique should be neither a summary nor offensive attack to deflate an author’s work, but a considerate, personal view of an author’s hard-earned work.

  • Take notes. Highlight details you love (characters, plot, setting, tone) or didn’t love (this is so easy to do today with digital technology such as kindle.

  • Understand the genre (fantasy, mystery, thriller, non-fiction). Does it fit the genre specifications, does it suit the intended audience chosen by the author?

  • Discuss the format of the book. Was the plot laid out well?

  • Critique fine points with strong personal recommendations.

  • Describe how the book did or didn’t achieve its goal.

  • Did the author achieve the book’s purpose?

  • Was the conclusion satisfactory?

  • Would you recommend this book to others?

I’m still learning how to become a better reviewer, and with every book review, I’m improving. I’m bent on feeding my thirst for new reads. Over the last year, I’ve driven a hard, passionate mallet of discovery and support for new Indie authors. Below are new, delightful discoveries from prior months.

Bibiana Krall - Carolina Spirits

Kim Knight - Havana Heat

Angel Strong - Thandi’s Love

Jane Risdon - Only One Woman

Ann Jones - Trapping

Brittany Batiste- Witch Hunt on Crystal Lake

Currently Reading

Sheena Irwin - Aftermath of a Mad

You can catch all my reviews on Goodreads and with more to follow in the coming months.

Happy reading!!

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