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Tainted Harvest: A Simone Doucet Series (Book One)

Southern Gothic

She escaped servitude for a worse fate. Now she wants everyone to know what happened.

Simone Doucet is searching for a meaningful life. As a travel writer, she’s searched but hasn’t found a purpose yet. She accepts an assignment that takes her to Magnolia Sunrise, a historical bed-and-breakfast on the bluffs of Natchez, Mississippi. Soon, frightful images of a young slave girl, Delphine Randolph, haunt her every evening. Are the dreams related to the assignment? Will she find answers in Natchez?

The first night at the B&B, a ghostly visitation transports Simone to 1863, antebellum Natchez. Through spectral eyes, Simone sees Delphine’s history. Her servitude as a wet nurse to her master’s wife, rape, and forced pregnancies, her daring escape, and early demise inside a Civil War contraband camp known as the Devil’s Punchbowl. Delphine wants everyone to know what happened to her at Magnolia Sunrise and inside the Union soldier’s encampment. She won’t stop haunting Simone until she TELLS HER STORY.

But why has Delphine chosen Simone? Will this awakening bring a new purpose to Simone’s life? Or more untold mysteries to be discovered?

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Keepers Of The Gate: Twilight Ends (Book One)

A Paranormal Historical Fiction

Through an ancient doorway in time, souls never die. A cosmic thread of infinite, predestined love survives.

In 1779 Kanadasaga, Sullivan's Expedition torches a Seneca village and many others, destroying the Iroquois Confederacy. Awakened from sleep, Pilan and Teka flee their blazing longhouse into the woodlands. After a soldier’s bullet thwarts their escape, Pilan vows to meet his beloved Teka again in another life.

Two hundred years later in present-day Geneva, New York, historical relics rise. Twilight Ends, a grand Victorian bed-and-breakfast run by the Newhouse family, sits on the property the Iroquois village used to thrive on. After Twilight Ends’ long-standing matriarch Tessa Newhouse dies, her daughter and granddaughter, Skylar and Twyla, discover two artifacts under the maple tree in the backyard, and an ancient mystery as old as time begins to unravel. But will they have the courage to follow the path their ancestors did?

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Dark Echo

A Psychological Thriller Novel Collection

By Chance: Destiny stares Tara McPherson in the face. The malevolent Tom Spencer enters her life, determined to exact vengeance against the Gifted Three: a group with powers to see the past, present and future. To save their lives, Tara must overcome her fear and recall long-repressed visions. After their world collapses, the girls' combined gifts become more critical than ever. But even with the help of a supernatural presence from the past, can the Gifted Three change their fate?

Chasing Victoria: At one o'clock in the morning, Victoria Powell receives a distressing phone call from her friend Kayla. Wrapped in the arms of a new lover, Victoria reluctantly leaves her bed and heads to Central Park to meet Kayla - but she's nowhere to be found. Fearing danger, Victoria escapes the city to Martha’s Vineyard. Arriving during a dangerous nor’easter, she delves into her deceased mother’s diaries... unaware of the danger that has followed her to the island.


Kalorama Road: There’s something Allie can’t remember; hidden memories that refuse to surface. Until one day, when something brings back horrifying images of a forgotten night. A year after graduating from Emsworth University, a mysterious email appears, asking Allie a single question. Someone wants her to remember. As forgotten memories gradually surface, Allie has to come to terms with her dark past, and a revelation she could have never imagined. But what really happened at 1414 Kalorama Road?