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Hidden Secrets. Unearthed Truths.

Simone Doucet returns in this chilling novel to uncover the sinister truth behind a series of murders within an opulent mansion in the heart of New Orleans' Garden District.

Simone yearns to escape the confines of her New York City brownstone. She jumps at an opportunity to house-sit in a gorgeous Queen Anne Victorian home in her cherished New Orleans Garden District.

Upon her arrival, the walls whisper like ancient voices. The owner’s parrot mimics an eerie nightly tune, and elusive footsteps echo through the floorboards. Simone quickly discovers she is not alone in this majestic house.

Tackling the afterlife alone, Simone becomes entangled in the narratives of three tormented souls caught in a web of greed, hatred, and infidelity. Their deadly secrets converge in a bone-chilling tale of murder.

Yet, within the grandeur of Ballard House, Simone is far from alone. The peril she faces extends beyond the spectral world, and she will soon confront evil from both the living and the dead.

What dark secret lies hidden within the walls of Ballard House?

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