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Struggling for survival after the death of her husband, a woman leaves her hometown to make a fresh start. Arriving to the small town of Willows Grove, she and her two daughters take shelter in an old church next to a playground.

Seventeen years later, Jillian and her friends set out to disprove local folk tales of evil spirits that allegedly inhabit the burnt-out church and the playground next to it.

Arriving at the dilapidated playground, they wait for the hour the ghost has reportedly been seen, while mocking the silly townspeople's beliefs. Very soon, their doubts are challenged, as they come face-to-face with something unspeakable.

"Billups is an immensely gifted author who knows how to keep her readers engaged through simple yet deeply profound language, vivid imagery, and visual scene setting.This was a short story that felt and read like a full- fleshed novel. In all 'The Playground' is was one of the most riveting short stories I've ever read. A much deserved 5 stars! I highly recommend this story!"


~Amazon Review

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