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Justine wakes to her android digital companion, DANA, attuned to her breath, heartbeat, and every emotion 365 days of the year.

The year is 2410, and technology runs every facet of human life. Convinced humans have sacrificed their autonomy, Justine wants to unplug from the digital world. When she learns of the off-the-grid community of Merrick, she believes these people have the right idea.


But after Justine’s boss goes missing, strange events begin to take place, and people start going off the grid. Will human and computer merge to save their common future, or is it already too late?

"Off the Grid" is a longer short story that is a well-executed

combination of the dystopian and horror genres . . . it present

readers with the dilemma of humans becoming far too dependent on their electronic devices, but also throws in a walloping dose of good

old-fashioned horror . . . While following the last pages of the story

can get a bit trippy, which actually fits right into the action, this makes

for a very interesting and recommended short read."

~Amazon Review

Off the Grid is a great example of a short story that will lure in readers

for an author's full-length novels. E. Denise Billups has created a clever

science-fiction tale set in a pseudo-dystopian world where computers run

our lives . . . Billups knows exactly how to create a setting filled with such beautiful descriptions and imagery, you are immediately drawn in."

~Goodreads Review

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