Waking Nightmare

Daily Prompt- Nightmare

Grim Reaper

Photo: Courtesy of pinterest.com

I dance restlessly in the dark an unbearable waltz

Of tossing and turning

Rolling and folding into my pillow

Again, lulled into the arms of deep sleep

Into a world of unimaginable horror

Faceless abominations seem much too real

Bombs blare and boom

Pained voices

Bone-chilling screams

Echo off cracking, splintering walls

Floors vanish

Collapsing in the dark

Landing twisted, misshapen

Metallic warmth surrounds me

A ghastly horror is upon me

Evil engulfs this space

Death’s scythe tugs at my faint heart

Paralyzed, locked in Grim’s limbs

I cannot move or see  

But I feel its eyes upon me

I dare not see what’s come for me

I do not want to know

A disembodied voice speaks to me

Open your eyes

See what I bring

I cannot

I will not see

And will myself from sleep

Into another unimaginable horror

Death stares back at me

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