Nature’s Canvas

Cherry Blossoms In Central Park

Nature slings her brush across her canvas, creating a pink paradise every spring.

 An excerpt from  A Blog Affair- A Suspense Novel by E. Denise Billups

Winter finally released its chilly claws, springing sunny blue skies, and cherry blossoms haloing trees an angelic pink much too late in April. Rapt with spring fever, I decided to take a different path to work, straight through the park and joyously relish crisp air and New Yorker’s cheery disposition. However, joy is an emotion I rarely allow myself, wary life can change without warning. Happiness, a fleeting fantasy, swings cold, warm, and hot—a perpetual pendulum. I prefer a tepid medium somewhere between content and discontent and refuse blissful credulousness. Because nothing’s ever permanent, I always expect the worst. Certain transmutable joy will fluctuate hollow over twenty-four hours, I welcome temporary bliss.

Book 3 -A Blog Affair 1-31-2017

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