I’m Just Passing Through

Daily Prompt – Guest

Guest on this Planet

I’m a visitor to this house, a guest passing through

With respect, I try not to leave a mess

And politely leave my carbon footprint at the door

Bringing gifts of caring and tidiness to my host

 And hope for future boarders

Oh, there’s no need to fuss and toil

My herbivore diet is easy to accommodate

No need to stir the heat

Green, raw, and pristine, in its natural state

Yes, I’m a conscientious lodger

Tidying and cleaning my space

Leaving no evidence of my existence

My carbon footprint, barely visible

Leaves a sustainable home

A clean environment for tomorrow’s guest

A thriving planet for future generations

After all, I’m only passing through

And I’ll leave this place the way it was before my arrival

Clean air, earth, and oceans.

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