Gossamer Hands

MArrionette 7

I’m a passenger on a predestined journey

Guided by hands I cannot see

When I stumble she pulls positioning me forward

When I fall she lifts with inspiring energy

When I fumble and flop she swerves not deterred

In a range of angles, I cannot see

No constraints can defeat my invisible Marionette

Who plods dexterously with limited possibilities

Maneuvering invisible strings and pulleys

She orchestrates an encumbered dance

No dash, no scamper nor sail

But merely a clumsy waltz

Controlled by divine gossamer strands

Nimble hands I cannot fathom

Guide me on a predestined journey

Copyright © 2017 by E. Denise Billups

Art: Courtesy of Padlas Tetovalas Otletek

#DailyPrompt #Inspiration #poem

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