Embrace Change

Four months have passed since my last post and for a good reason. With everything happening globally, domestically, and locally I needed to pause. These unfortunate times allowed reflection on what’s important and focus on my goals. Writing book reviews or promoting my books when people were, and still are suffering from novel coronavirus (Corvid-19) pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement, seemed inappropriate and deserved more attention than blogging. Sure, I could have used my social media presence as many to promote BLM movement offered hope for many quarantined and still are with the Corvid-19. I chose to step back and be there for those in my immediate vicinity.

Now, I’m back four months later and surprised this country is still in the grips of this tenacious virus. It has devastated many lives with the loss of loved ones, employment, spiritually, and mentally altered our consciousness. The positive I see from the pandemic and Black Lives Matter is an awakening of collective consciousness. I hope the positive outcomes outweigh the bad and endure forever, not just for the moment.

2020 has not been a ripple in our lives but a major tsunami that’s brought unwanted experiences, uncertainty, heartache, and loss. There’s a need to hold on to life as we know it, but an external crisis has carved a new landscape of awareness, new standards, a new normal, and way of being. We’re desperately striving to get back to our comfort zones. But there is no going back, too much has happened (happening), too much hurt, anger, and pain. Don’t fight change. Embrace it as an opportunity to grow.

Be safe everyone. Best wishes and love.

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