Can One Write Anywhere at Any Time?

Write with the door closed, rewrite

Recently, a friend, who is not a writer, stated, “As long as you have a laptop, you can write anywhere.”  I raised my eyebrows, ready to retort, ARE YOU SERIOUS, but closed my agape mouth, assuming this is a common sentiment. Of course, one can write anywhere. We see people write in cafes, coffee shops, parks, and beaches every day. However, writing a novel requires full immersion with little or no distractions to craft a well-written story. Naturally, all writers have different degrees of concentration, but most prefer a quiet space without interference.

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I’m an early bird, rising at 4:00 a.m., sometimes earlier. Dawn’s magical aura inspires greater creativity. My mind is sharper after slumber’s miraculous realignment of prior day’s thoughts and insights. I write until the soft glow of morning fades, and words subside. After a creative bout, afternoons consist of research for my novel, editing, blogging, social media posting, responding to emails, and other daily chores. It’s impossible to write during the afternoon with life’s distractions. So, like my fitness workouts, writing is scheduled daily at the same time and place― in my writing cave.


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Most writers have a perfect spot where they shut out the world as they create their own. Lighting, seating, sound, writing tools arranged neatly or cluttered to produce an ambiance conducive to creativity. Stephen King states in Memoir of the Craft “For any writer, but for the beginning writer in particular, it’s wise to eliminate every possible distraction.”

Stephen King Memoir of the craft
Stephen King Door

From 4:00 a.m. until late morning, my door is always shut. Lately, I alternated between my window desk with city views, and cushy sofa in the corner with my constant, metallic companion on my lap with nothing but my thoughts, and dawn’s peace and quiet, until city din buzzes outside my high-rise apartment, and sounds of morning from neighbors and family invade my thoughts. I plug in my favorite music and continue to write until my mind says enough.

If you’ve ever wondered about your favorite author’s writing cave,  I’ve listed a few photos below taken from The Writing Cooperative’s  100+ Famous Authors and Their Favorite Writing Spots.

Stephen King

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Agatha Christie

Frederick Douglass

Daphne Du Maurier

James Baldwin

James Patterson

Albert Camus

Alfred Hitchcock

E. B. White

Edith Wharton

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

George Plimpton

Tennessee Williams

Find more Authors at the The Writing Cooperative.

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