Breathe . . . Breathe

Yoga cropped

Anxiety has me bottled up inside, out of sorts and itching for an outlet

I disrobe for another sphere, bare feet firmly planted, toes wide

I straighten my stance as I salute the universe

sun pose, breathe

downward dog, breathe

upward dog, breathe 

proud warrior, breathe

mind and body one, all air

 I breathe, stretch, and bend, contorting limbs formidably

I breathe a calmer breath and I do it all over again

with a trickle of sweat, I cannot catch

rolling supremely down my brow

dark spots splotch purple mat

limbs quiver and quake

breathe . . . breathe

Asana relieved

Joyous mind again

I thank the universe, bow my head, and whisper

Namaste . . .

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Copyright by E. Denise Billups 

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Art: Courtesy of Pinterest


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