Born All Soul’s Day

I love a good fright

Is it because I was born two days after Halloween on All Soul’s Day

In a Southern home one charcoal night as Spanish moss sung lullabies to my infant cry

Or is something more nefarious my soul longs to feel as I commit pen to paper

Crafting supernatural chills

 A scene into another sphere I loop hither and thither

Between reality and supernatural

 Is it because I was born on The Day of The Dead

When lost souls are honored with prayers and candles

A nightfall traipse to the cemetery anointing tombstones with holy water

The bereaved leaving bedside supper for hungry spirits

I like a good fright

Scripting meddlesome spirits haunting the living

Or perhaps a demon or two thirsty for blood

               Perchance I’m one of them casting fear among the living

               After all, I was born one charcoal night

A nascent spirit mingling among the departed

Befriended and touched by the unliving

I was born to write a good fright

After all, I was born on The Day of The Dead

Copyright © 2017 by E. Denise Billups

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

#DailyPrompt #Poems

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