Book Review: Heir of Doom by Jina S. Bazzar

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Title: Heir of Doom: The Roxanne Fosch Files Book 2

Author: Jina S. Bazzar

Genre: Fantasy Adventure Fiction

Publisher: Creativia Publishing, February 20, 2019

Print Edition: 706 Pages

Amazon Blurb

She no longer has to run and hide, but other problems have surfaced. Her clan has other plans for her, and even the combined might of the hunters might not be able to save her.

To survive, Roxanne will have to choose between being labeled a traitor and cast out as a rogue – or join hands with the darker powers to save her life, and the lives of her friends.

To achieve her goals, she’ll have to risk her life. But can she control the powers she’s still learning to use and fears so much?

My Review:

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Heir of Doom, the second book in The Roxanne Fosch series is a thrillingaction-packed fantasy, adventure novel told in the first person POV by the main character, Roxanne Fosch. Tension and suspense never let up as the story rolls to a shocking conclusion. The pacing is perfect for this genre,  speeding up and slowing when needed.

At the beginning of the story, a question asked by a ten-year-old preternatural, Mwara, resonates throughout the novel. Mwara seeks Roxanne’s protection when she realizes the same organization of scientists, PSS that held Roxanne captive, is after her.

“I – I don’t know,” I replied.”

One sense reluctance and fear in Roxanne’s reply to Mwara, and rightly so given her clan’s, The Hunters, distrust. Already under her leader’s scrutiny, assuming responsibility for Mwara would cause more conflict. When Mwara disappears, the clan grows more suspicious, believing Roxanne’s involved. Can Roxanne endure this scrutiny or will she try to prove her innocence?

One can’t help feeling the whole world is against Roxanne. Her only trustworthy companions are her childhood friend, Vicky, and her familiar, Frizz. Even her leaders appear rivals as she undergoes scheduled, grueling physical training every day at The Hunter’s base, under the coaching of Douglas Vermourly, a.k.a. Diggy. Ms. Bazzar has a knack for writing action scenes and pulling the reader into every punch, kick, thrust, and defensive move Roxanne makes while training and during fights with opponents. But who among the men in her life—Vincent, Diggy, Logan, Zantry— are true friends?  Which one will claim her heart?

Gargoyle, Statue, Stone, Monster, Symbol, Decorations
Fantasy, Dragons, Mountain, Light, Sage, Scene, Fighter

Trust, self-discovery, and self-preservation are some of the themes in Heir of Doom. Yet to grasp her shifting abilities or command her powers, will Roxanne do so when most needed?

Who and what is Roxanne? Who are her real parents? Will she find out?

Woman, Warrior, Elegant, Beauty, Determined, Heroine

I don’t always win. Or my human side, who I like to think is the one on the driver’s seat.”

Ms. Bazzar’s story held my attention to the final build-up in the last chapters. Roxanne’s battle will leave you exhausted, fearful, tearful, terrified, and shocked at the conclusion. Book three in the series can’t come soon enough, and I anticipate learning Roxanne’s fate after such a shocking turn of fate at the end of Heir of Doom. Ms. Bazzar, thank you for the thrilling read. I highly recommend this book to those who love a good action fantasy, adventure novel with a strong female lead!

Author’s Bio

Jina Bazzar Headshot

I’m a freelance writer, a blogger, a mother, a baker, a chocolate fiend, a coffee enthusiast, and sometimes a poet. A wanderer in this vast world, I’m just another body with a passion for the written word. There is no boundary I can’t cross, no limit I can’t push; my mind is my passport, my thoughts my mode of transportation.

I was born and raised in a quiet, small town in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I’ve had a happy and fulfilling childhood.  Like most writers out there, my love of books began at a young age. Unlike most authors out there, I never aspired to become one. Soon after high school graduation, I developed a chronic disease that caused gradual vision loss. I was blind at the age of twenty-three, and reading became one of many things I could no longer do. 

That is until I started working for an organization for women with disabilities and learned about screen readers. After I quit my job, I picked up reading with vengeance, but soon realized it was no longer enough, and so I started writing, this time with an aim to pursue a career. Heir of Ashes is my debut novel, a creation born from my love of anything fairy, of action-packed stories and a touch of romance. Besides fiction, I’ve written dozens of articles for Conscious Talk magazine, on topics of health, food, poetry, and the writer’s life.

When I’m not writing or networking on social media, you can find me in the kitchen, listening to loud music while baking (often misshapen) goodies, or cooking favorite dishes. My inspiration comes from most anything, a discussion, a friend, an animal or plant, events, memories, music, etc – in other words, from life itself.

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